The Company

A tradition of quality since 1927.

Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of stainless steel washing equipment for Food and Dairy Processing, Pharmaceutical Production and Laboratory Animal Care Equipment.

Girton’s custom line of over 12 model variations of cabinet and conveyorized systems allow machines to be developed to meet most any need. When your needs require washing of bins, drums, pallets, totes, glassware, crates, weighing systems, cages vials or IBC’s, Girton has the system to meet that need.

The Thermal Division, is recognized around the world as the most efficient thermal energy off peak-load shifting storage system available. King Zeero Ice Builders are used for cooling product and other areas where a constant demand for 34ยบ F water exists.


A Tradition of Quality Since 1927

In 1927, company founder Paul K. Girton examined a marketplace, saw a need, and responded.

For eight decades that simple philosophy – servicing an industry by tailoring equipment to meet needs – has continued at Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Paul Girton resolved to do what his equipment supplier wouldn’t, by improving bottle washers of the day, establishing a precedent which still guides the growth of this company:

Know and meet your customers’ needs and help them achieve success.


The Girton Commitment:
At Girton, we’re proud of the tradition of quality embedded in more than 75 years of customer services, but Paul Girton’s precedent doesn’t allow us to relax. While Girton tradition takes root in the past, we present the Girton commitment:

To use the combined strength of our engineering, manufacturing and servicing skills to continually provide non-proprietary superior assistance and results to our customers


Following the Precedent:

Three generations of Girton’s and many employees have since dedicated themselves to following this precedent.

Located in the small community of Millville in central Pennsylvania, Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. stands as a world leader in manufacturing quality washing equipment using continually updated technology. What began with washers for a fledgling dairy industry has grown to include designing and manufacturing stainless steel washing equipment for food and dairy processing, pharmaceutical production, and research labs. Girton washers have cleaned everything from milk bottles to monkey cages.