Thermal Storage

King Zeero Ice Builders were founded in 1929. For 32 years King Zeero Ice Builders were manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. In 1962 the King Zeero was purchased by Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. and production was moved to Millville, PA. By 1959 over 5,000 units were sold and installed throughout the United States and abroad. For the next 39 years construction of the King Zeero Ice Builders remained the same. In 1978 Girton introduced the Thermaster line of King Zeero Ice Builders.

These were thermal energy storage systems to meet the commercial needs through off peak cooling and heating of schools, office buildings and churches. In 2001 Girton switched to all stainless steel construction for all interior and exterior fabricated components. Girton has continued to expand their sales in these energy storage systems. In 2003 Girton started providing their ice builder systems to the industries leader in cook chill operations who provide their systems world wide.

Whether your needs require ice water for cooling food products, air conditioning, vegetable cooling or cooking vessels contact Girton for the most energy efficient ice builder in the industry today.