Pharmaceutical Washing Equipment

Expanding our expertise into the pharmaceutical market in 1979, Girton quickly became an innovator:

  • Girton built the first personnel washer for pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Girton developed and built for McGaw Laboratories an all-stainless steel rinser with rising jets to wash plastic intravenous solution bottles.

Our turnaround time for quoting, manufacturing, and installing is unsurpassed. Plus, this responsiveness includes the custom design capabilities that we offer.

Girton can design and manufacture a system which precisely meets your needs.

For instance, our wide variety of parts racks gives you greater selection for your system. Plus, we can adapt or design parts racks to fit your particular application.

Girton’s washing systems meet and exceed cGMP, BPE and FDA standards. They:

  • Feature tomorrow’s technology in a user-friendly package. In fact, our single-step operation is so easy, all you need to do is load the machine and press the start button.
  • Have complete documentation packages available for validation support of the equipment and the cleaning process.
  • Feature units that are easily serviceable for maintenance.


Our washing systems provide reliable and consistent performance making the Girton Washers easy to validate.

Our customized service doesn’t end with the sale. We make a promise to follow through after the sale until we’re confident your expectations have been exceeded. Many pharmaceutical companies recognize Girton for the superior technical abilities, workmanship, and extra effort we give to ensure a project’s success.


Our Customers:

Roche, Amgen, Inc., Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Inc., Ben Venue Laboratories Proctor & Gamble, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Schering-Plough, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline