Laboratory Research

We have been a recognized industry leader in laboratory washing equipment for over 45 years.

Argonne National Labs became our first customer in this arena, when in 1955 it ordered two stainless steel washers to clean animal cages. That request spurred the development of out Laboratory Division, which today manufactures washing equipment for Laboratories, Universities, and Hospitals throughout the world.

Girton understands that every laboratory facility has unique requirements. That’s why we employ an in-house engineering department capable of responding to your specific needs. In fact, throughout the history of this division, Girton has responded to ever-changing, increasingly stringent sanitation standards through pioneering innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Some of our Technological Firsts:

  • Microprocessor-based washing machine control systems.
  • Development of washing solution filters and screening systems which are largely self-cleaning.
  • Development of the commercialized use of a powered traveling header system in cabinet-style washers.
  • The use of vertical, submerged head, seal-less pumps on washing machines.
  • The perfection of washing header systems that can be quickly and easily dismantled for cleaning by hand, with out the use of tools.


Our Customers:

Argonne Labs, Becton Dickinson, University of Colorado, University of Connecticut, Food and Drug Administration, Kennedy Space Center, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Maryland, National Cancer Institute, Nation Institutes of Health Neurogen, Research Triangle Park Area, Salk Institute, Temple University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, UCLA , University of Southern California, VA Medical Centers, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, College of William and Mary


With a Girton washer in your facility, you will feel secure knowing that the highest degree of cleanliness and sanitation is being achieved. Additionally, you’ll receive the benefits of our superior customer support system long after the equipment is put into operation.