Food Processing

Girton’s responsiveness to the food industry has propelled us to develop and direct major changes in food washing equipment and set higher standards within the industry.

Some of Our Developments

  • Designing washing systems for weighing scales used in the food packing industry
  • Integrating water conservation systems into equipment.
  • Designing equipment to eliminate salmonella, listeria, allergens, and other contaminants.
  • Manufacturing equipment to meet 3A standards and USDA guidelines.
  • Being the first to successfully vat pasteurize liquid whole eggs.
  • Creating a soaker-type bottle washer for 64 oz. and 2-liter returnable glass soft drink bottles.
  • Designing and patenting the application of injector-type, full-flooded refrigeration systems for use on farm milk cooling tanks.


Our Customers

American Home Foods, Juice Bowl, Inc., Pepsi, Inc., Bordens, Kellogg’s, Publix Dairy, Dean Foods, Kraft General Foods, Safeway Foods General Mils, Inc., LifeSavers, Tropicana, Hershey Chocolate U.S.A., McCormick Flavors, Vita Foods, IBP, Nestle Foods, Weis Markets.


We achieve this level of service through a system dedicated to keeping you and your needs our top priority.

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